Contacting SADMOG

You can e-mail us at [email protected] but you will probably get a faster response if you use the message board detailed below.

A number of the SADMOG crowd can be found on line at the MMOC website (Morris Minor Owners Club) where there is an on-line message board. This website is run by the national club and is 'free' to use by all. Although many of us have joined the national club to help support this sort of activity.

If you have never used a message board before it can seem a bit daunting, but the people there are a nice bunch and very helpful on all things minor related. This can be a really useful resource for helping you out with technical problems with your car and getting all sort of help and advice from fellow owners. I would strongly recommend you take a look at the site and message board.

We have a very long running thread where we tend to decide on what pub we will visit each week, plus a little bit of chit chat. You will probably want to jump to the last page of the thread and work backwards as its now pretty long!

After you have met us a few times, and feel comfortable doing so, you may like to swap phone numbers with some of the group to keep in contact with where we will be each week or incase of breakdowns and delays. Although the MMOC website is probably the most up to date decision of weekly location.

If you are without a car one week and would still like to join the gathering then someone in the group may be able to swing by and collect you on the way? Although it is nice to see as many moggies as possible at each meet some of use use our modern cars when the weather is poor, or worst still when the moggie is poorly