We are a relaxed group of Morris Minor owners and 'fanciers' who like to meet regularly for a natter over a pint at pubs in and around the Southampton area, mostly in the New Forest.

We meet Thursdays nights at 8pm and there tends to be anywhere between 4-10 people. This includes car owners, partners, friends and family, all are welcome. The chat tends to start with cars (mostly 'moans', 'how do you fix', 'where can you get', 'what's fallen off this week' etc) but we are a very social bunch and tend to talk about anything and everything, ending with our cars again ('can you lend me your starting handle', 'please pass me my hand brake brick as I move off', etc). Often the bonnets are up and someone is fixing something or giving advice.

We are not an 'official' club, but we recognise that they do exist in the local area and some of our group are members with them and the national club. There are no subs to pay (apart from perhaps the odd drink or two between friends), and there are no formalities. We started out by chatting on the web and then finally meeting at a pub as friends, the name then came later as a bit of a laugh. New faces are always most welcome.

If you forget our web address you can always google us at SADMOG ;-)